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          Shenzhen Guangshijue Electronics company is located in Shenzhen Pingshan New District, a professional engaged in the picture divider, radio SDI distributor, radio SDI converter, radio SDI cross matrix, projection fusion machine, multi-screen treasure, HDMI/BNC distributor, splicer and other products development and production sales; Our products are made of professional chip design, seeking to provide customers with high quality, cost-effective products, with strong market competitiveness.

          To provide customers with the best quality products and the most thoughtful service is the goal of continuous efforts of all staff of Opto-vision Electronics. Guided by the business philosophy of innovation, quality and integrity, we have developed a perfect after-sales service mechanism, which has won unanimous recognition and praise from customers.

          For the future development, all staff of Optometry Electronics are still making continuous efforts and forging ahead. Our quality policy is "Innovative product design, excellent quality manufacturing, exquisite customer service". "Your satisfaction is the direction of our way forward", we will be high-tech, high quality, more reasonable price to meet visitors from all directions, and strive to build optical vision electronics into a first-class brand in the industry.